Alleycats Game

I created digital pixelart assets for a game by Elli Furedy that had a 64 x 128px monochromatic display.

The game, Alleycats, is a digital augmented cops-and-robbers game, where the “wanted” player in a small festival will hide out and the “hunter” will go looking for them amongst the crowds.

device The game runs on these portable devices

The game has physical handheld interfaces which have a mechanism by which one bounty hunter and one bounty, when confronted in person, connect to one another for a quick 3 second game. There is a coundown (3, 2, 1…) and then the first player with the fastest reflex to press a button on their device will win. For the hunted, this means they walk “free” until another bounty hunter picks up their profile. For the bounty hunter, this means going back to home base to aquire a new target.

"Connection Established" Connection Established

"Alleycat Countdown 3" Countdown: 3

"Alleycat Countdown 2" Countdown: 2

"Alleycat Countdown 1" Countdown: 1

"Endline Loser" Loser

"Helix Victory" Victory

"Resistance Draw" Draw

"Alleycats Logo" Alleycats Logo

"Endline Logo" Endline Logo

"Helix Logo" Helix Logo

"Alley Stamp" Alley Stamp

"Endline Stamp" Endline Stamp

"Helix Stamp" Helix Stamp

"Resistance Stamp" Resistance Stamp