Rave Wonderland Concept Art

In 2021, a festival-clothing store called Rave Wonderland on Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles was looking to thematically redesign their interior to look like a trendy, neon, semi-industrial fantasy space that was one part forest and one part city of the future.


A lot of ideas were generated during the meeting we shared with the client, so in order to put constraint on the project due to the client’s budget and timeframe, yet still give her new elements that will help to sell merchandise and offer new branded experiences, we presented the following as focus areas: Shoe Area, Selfie Area, Mural, Lighting

For the initial impression of the space, we wanted to transition from a “glitchy” forest that could play with the lighting and feel immersive, so I designed a cut translucent acrylic forest of trees that could surround the entrance and thin out as the store transitioned to a more urban environment toward the back. The layers of different acrylic colors would mix with one another from the perspective of the viewer for a kaleidoscopic impression of color that passes light from the store front into the store.


"Lighting Render"

For the Shoe Area, I followed these notes to develop the following concept art:

"Roger Rabbit" color and style reference

"Beyond Human" color and style reference

"Shoe Area" first pass concept art for the Shoe Area

Following these notes, I created this edit to the concept sketch:

"Shoe Display" second pass for the Shoe Area

"Expanded materials"

"Expanded materials 2"