Revolutionary Labyrinth

"Model A Diagram"




"General Diagram" "Exploded Diagram" "Exploded Diagram 2" "Metal Fab" "Slipring and Bearing" This concept, including budget and timeline for the scope of work, was submitted for honoraria grant consideration for Burning Man 2020, and was considered in the final round of applicants.

"Early Diagram" "Installation Template" "Installation Template" "Art Nouveau Botany Example" "Art Nouveau Botany Example 2"

The proposed structure is a series of 13 revolving alcoves, each with a unique immersive installation to be found within. Built similarly to revolving darkroom doors, each rotating room is self-suspended by steel tube and floating in a routed track. Inside each cylinder is an installation designed by a different individual or small group of artists, of all kinds. The installations are multi-sensory in nature and should evoke themes of “multiverse” (the 2020 Burning Man theme), nostalgia, alternate universes or timelines. It is a revolving labyrinthine grid of installation artworks, each one leading to the next. Participants create unique pathways through the art for a repeatable experience through a multitude of built environments.

"Revit 1" "Revit 2" "Revit 3" "top""iso""corner"

Special thanks to my friend Carl Gruesz for his help with electrical engineering solutions! Special thanks as well to my friend Ange Arcadia for your help with Revit renders and your architectural expertise!