Signal Stickerpack

In 2020, I decided to make Signal my go-to messenger app for all communication, primarily so I could illustrate and share my own stickers while texting with my friends. I was living on the border of Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts, at the time and so were many of my friends– so I called it “Cambervillian”, since we all called the combination of the two towns, “Camberville”, joking that it is one and the same town.

Download it here, if you use Signal:

"Aviation" "Bashful" "Bashful" "Bitchin" "Busy" "Call Me" "Can't Talk Now" "Coffee" "Date" "Fool For You" "Glitch" "Goodnight" "Goodnight" "Hugs" "Kink" "Late" "Luck" "Music" "Pencil" "Pinky Promise" "Red Flags" “See You” “Shoe Fits” “Stressed” “Sunrise” “Thankful” “Thinking Of You” “Tied Up” “Walk”